Our Team

Group Leader

Prof. Dr.
Christina Zielinski

Department Head



Michael Müller

Thomas Sommermann


Nico Andreas

Debdas Paul


PhD students

Shan Sun, PhD student


Chang-Feng Chu, PhD student

Alisa Puhach, PhD student


Sandra Herbestreit

Research assistant

Claudia Franke

Research assistant


Monika von der Heide

Research assistant

Steffi Hälbich

Research assistant

Master Students


Florian Anderfuhr (Biochemistry, Friedrich Schiller University Jena)

Student Assistants

Lilly May

Student Assistant in Bioinformatics

Mahima Arunkumar

Student Assistant in Bioinformatics

Selin Türkoglu

Student Assistant in Bioinformatics


Sarah Ouologuem

Student Assistant in Bioinformatics

Ignacio Garcia-Ribelles

Student Assistant in Bioinformatics

Damla Ötünç

Student Assistant in Bioinformatics

Lena Schnell is a medical student in the lab.

Olga Okulicheva is a medical student in the lab.

Mariam Gachechiladze supports the team as a student assistant.

Maha Alissa-Alkhalaf is a bioinformatics student assistant.



Ying-Yin Chao was a PhD student and then postdoc in the lab until 2021

Julia Matthias was a doctoral student of medicine and graduated in 2021

Tonio Brinkschmidt was a doctoral student of medicine and graduated in 2022

Gustavo Almeida has been a postdoc in the lab from 2018 to 2020. 

David Frieser was a Master Student in Biochemistry at the Technical University of Munich. David performed several lab rotations in the Zielinski lab and then continued to explore the regulation of the inflammasome with novel imaging technologies for his master thesis in the Zielinski Lab. He also supported the lab as a student assistant for more than two years.

Sonja Heine performed her master thesis in Biology in the Zielinski lab.

Claudia Beerweiler performed her master thesis in Biology in the Zielinski lab.

Hanna Meinl studied medicine at the LMU and TUM in Munich and was a postdoc in the Zielinski Lab from 2017 to 2019.

Subarna Palit joined the lab as a bioinformatician under shared supervision between the Zielinski Lab and the Institute for Computational Biology (Helmholtz-Center). She engaged in single-cell analyses of human immune cells with novel bioinformatic tools.

Michelle Klesse performed her master thesis in the Zielinski Lab in 2019. She was a Master Student of the Medical and Immunosciences and Infection program at the University of Bonn.

Christoph Heuser studied Molecular Biomedicine at the University of Bonn where he also started his PhD. He was a research assistant in the Zielinski Lab from 2018 to 2019.

Petra Hadlova received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in immunology from Charles University in Prague. She joined the lab for an internship under the Erasmus+ Recent Graduate program in 2019.

Sophia Mädler performed an internship in bioinformatics in the lab and then performed her Master thesis in the Zielinski lab in 2019.

Bachelor students: Lena Träger, Hin-Man Tai and Viola Siegert performed their Bachelor theses in the Zielinski Lab. Viola continued to support the team as a student assistant.

Student Assistants: Anastasia Litinetskaya (Bioinformatics, TUM), Lena Hackl (Bioinformatics, TUM), Julian Reinhard (Bioinformatics, TUM), Karoline Lutz (Bioinformatics, TUM), Sladana Vujancevic (Medical student), Andrew Carr (Biochemistry), Sophia Mädler (Bioinformatics, Biochemistry), Arina Danilina (Bioinformatics, TUM), Paulina Pittrich (Medicine), Mari del Carmen Martos Contreras (DAAD scholarship, bioinformatics), Aisha Schuhegger (Bioinformatics, TUM), Grace Zhuoyun H (Bioinformatics, TUM), Laurens Lehner (Bioinformatics, TUM)

Technical assistants: Amy Burrell (Australia), Andrea B. Werner