Happy winner of our "Graphical Abstract Competition 2019"

Gianna is the happy winner of our “Graphical Abstract Competition 2019”


Although never seen by anyone in the lab, Spider-Kid performs occasional visits to the TranslaTUM to check out the latest technological discoveries and fill up pipette tips. With great power there must also come great responsibility.

Paper celebration dinner (March 2019)

New publication on salt and T helper cell differentiation

Being proud of of our MD student Julia and her discoveries related to the regulation of Th2 cells by sodium chloride and the its impact on atopic dermatitis (Matthias et al. Science Translational Medicine 2019)

First author Julia Matthias at the commemorative plaque for Heinrich Finkelstein who described that atopic disease improved upon dietary salt restriction.

Christmas parties

Visit to the Christmas market

Lab hike (Sept. ’18)

1° Training on the BD Rhapsody for single-cell transcriptome analysis

Winners of the TranslaTUM kicker cup – 2017 (being proud of Hanna!)

CyTOF meeting 2018 in Berlin

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Thanks to the lab for the cool feminist birthday cake for Christina!

Interdisciplinary Research: Bridging nuclear physics and immunology

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Lab Retreat in Raitenhaslach (Burghausen) 24.06.17 – 26.06.17

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