The Zielinski Lab on top of the mountain! Great hike, great weather, great food, great team! IMG_4982

Julia Matthias back in the lab and already at the center of media attention! IMG_4722



We thank all the patients who supported our COVID-19 study. We received thousands of requests for participation and are thankful for all the support to bring clarity into the mechanisms of this disease that we hope to bring under control soon with all our colleagues. Special thanks also to the wonderful “Human Immunoregulation team” that dedicated all their efforts to this  endeavour.


Keeping the distance but working closely together to help COVID-19 patients.  Thanks to the heroes of the Zielinski lab for their dedication. This is the start of exploring human immunity to SARS-CoV-2

Happy to have received the Ingrid zu Solms-Prize for Medicine in 2019. Honoured be be accepted as a member of the the Ingrid zu Solms-Foundation, which promotes women in science.

Gianna is the happy winner of our “Graphical Abstract Competition 2019”



First author Julia Matthias (Sci Transl Med 2019) at the commemorative plaque honouring the late paediatrician Heinrich Finkelstein who described more than 100 years ago that atopic dermatitis improved upon dietary salt restriction.

Christmas parties

Visit to the Christmas market

Lab hike (Sept. ’18)

1° Training on the BD Rhapsody for single-cell transcriptome analysis

Winners of the TranslaTUM kicker cup – 2017 (being proud of Hanna!)

CyTOF meeting 2018 in Berlin

IMG_0888 2
Thanks to the lab for the cool feminist birthday cake for Christina!

Interdisciplinary Research: Bridging nuclear physics and immunology

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Lab Retreat in Raitenhaslach (Burghausen) 24.06.17 – 26.06.17

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