Wow! Congratulations, HKI team, to your spectacular 3rd ranking at the “Jena Firmenlauf 2023”. Especially proud of the brave T cell lab team members for joining this event starting a lab team fun run culture.

Celebrating some recent success stories in the lab (paper publication, PhD student research award)

Humbled by this gift from the International Societies for Dermatological Sciences received in Tokyo 2023.

Today, we are welcoming our new lab toy, the Sony MA900 cell sorter. It will be dedicated to collaborative projects in infection research.

Nice to be back from conference travels! What a welcome with flowers, cake and happy team.

The Zielinski lab Christmas Party. So much fun and also challenges such as finally bringing our R coding skills into practice for the preparation of Glühwine and candy UMAPs.

Secret Santa has provided 24 little presents for the Zielinski lab. Excitement every day…

Enjoying Glühwein at Jena’s pretty Christmas Market.

Enjoying another lab milestone together with huge pizzas.

Michael receiving a prize at the Annual Meeting of the German Flow Cytometry Society (DGfZ) 2022

Gianna presenting her doctoral thesis project at the Meeting of the German Society of Immunology 2022 in Hannover

Racing around with water filled balloons on our feet – fun time at our “Sommerfest”

The graphical abstract event of our Department of Infection Immunology revealed artistic talent among all participants and also tight connections between T cells and Harry Potter.

(Very early) morning view from the postdoc office in our new research building – the absolutely gorgeous Biotech Center

Great poster discussions at the CRC 1054-retreat on “Plasticity of cell fate decisions of the immune system” in Bad Kohlgrub, Bavaria.

Farewell dinner for Amy. Thanks for having been such a fantastic lab member. We will miss you and wish you lots of luck in France.

Lab boat trip on the river Saale

Celebrating Dr. Julia’s spectacular MD thesis defence.

Thanks, dear lab! Wonderful pink flowers.

What could make a lab supervisor more happy than such wonderful feedback!

Our new lab mascot is called Pongo and is critically watching our experiments.

Our new research building, the Biotech Center, close to be finished. So much space….

Dr. Chao, congratulations to your PhD! With your talent for science and amazing team spirit a promising career is ahead of you!

Julia Matthias at the center of media attention: Winner of the Egon Macher Prize 2020 for exceptional contributions to the field of dermatological sciences in Europe.

Lab hiking event

Lab cakes – eaten up during happy and cosy lab times

Bavarian style after lab routine in the beer garden

Happy to have received the Ingrid zu Solms-Prize for Medicine in 2019. Honoured be be accepted as a member of the the Ingrid zu Solms-Foundation, which promotes women in science.

Spiderman filling up pipette tips.

Gianna is the happy winner of our “Graphical Abstract Competition 2019”

Matthias et al. Science Translational Medicine 2019

Media attention of our Th2 cell paper

Christmas party

Christmas market


Lab trip to Berlin: more fun than science. But also science with fun.

Lab hike (Sept. ’18)

Winners of the TranslaTUM kicker cup – 2017 (being proud of Hanna!)

Yummy feminist cake

IMG_0888 2
Thanks to the lab for the cool feminist birthday cake for Christina!
Interdisciplinary Research: Bridging nuclear physics and immunology


Lab Retreat in Raitenhaslach (Burghausen) 24.06.17 – 26.06.17