FACS & Immunomonitoring Unit

Fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) detects protein expression on single cells in a high throughput manner. Since FACS was first introduced by the Herzenberg lab in the late 1960s it has been at the forefront of immunological research. Indeed, the evolution of FACS technology allowing the discrimination of an ever more increasing fluorophores, has always been a linchpin in the discovery and characterization of novel immune cell subsets.

In the HKI-FACS and Immunominitoring Unit we are keen to use the latest FACS technology to push forward our understanding of human immune cells in health and disease. We are also looking forward to provide access to and expertise in FACS-technology to the HKI campus as well as the whole Jena scientific community.


Cytek Aurora CS

Our Cytek Aurora Cell Sorter is Germany’s first fully installed safety level S2 spectral cell sorter from CYTEK. Its 5-laser and detector setup is identical to the Cytek Aurora Spectral Analyser allowing more than 40-dimensional sorting of up to 6 live cell populations in parallel. It also supports sorting into 96-well plates.

FACS Aurora

The newly released 5-laser spectral FACS Aurora from Cytek can discriminate more than 40 Fluorophores and thus allows an unprecedented level of multidimensional FACS analysis. The Aurora is ideal for generating comprehensive datasets of complex cell-mixes (like PBMCs or tumor samples), for unbiased characterization of rare cell subsets and the acquisition of maximal information even when cells numbers are limited.

Miltenyi MQ16

The 4-laser Miltenyi MQ16 can discriminate up to 14 colors. It is easy to use and supports a high level of automatization including a 96 well high throughput unit, automated cell labeling and automated magnetic enrichment of cell subpopulations. It is ideal for smaller fluorophore panels and routine workflows.

BD Aria Fusion

The 6-laser BD Aria Fusion cell sorter allows separation of cells by more than 15 parameters in an S2-safety cabinet. It allows recovery of live cells for future culture and experimentation. The Fusion can sort up to 4 different cell subsets in parallel and supports sorting into 96 well plates.




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FACS and Immunomonitoring Unit
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