Selected Awards

The Zielinski Team: Winner of the Table Soccer Championships at TranslaTUM (Center for Translational Cancer Research)


2020 | Young Investigator Award for  Multiple Sclerosis of the Eva and Helmer Christoph Lehmann Foundation (to Julia Matthias for her research as an MD student in the Zielinski Lab)

2020 | Paul Langerhans Prize 2020 (German Society for Dermatological Research)

2020 | Egon Macher Prize 2020 to doctoral student Julia Matthias (German Society for Dermatological Research)

2019 | Ingrid zu Solms-Preis für Medizin 2019

2019 | Deutscher Neurodermitis Preis (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Dermatologie)

2014 | Research Start-up Prize of the German Society for Rheumatology (highest ranked research award in Rheumatology for researchers below 40 years of age)

2014 | Leo Pharma Research Silver Award for exceptional contribution to dermatological sciences (awarded by the European Society for Dermatological Research)

2014 | Wolfgang-Schulze Foundation Prize (Deutsche Rheuma-Liga)

2013 | Oscar-Gans-Junior-Research-Award (highest ranked prize for cutaneous research in Germany)

2013 | Paul Janssen-Prize in Dermatology and Immunology (awarded by the German Society of Dermatology)

2013| Research Award of the Berlin Society of Dermatology

2012 | Robert-Koch-Postdoctoral Prize for Immunology

2012 | Nils-Ilja-Richter-Prize of the German Society for Autoimmune diseases

2012 | Celgene Award for Innovation in Inflammation and Immunology Research into Dermatological Diseases (best European contribution to dermatological science by young researchers)

2011 | Best oral workshop presentation prize, European Academy and Clinical Immunology Conference, Istanbul

2011 | Selection for the “ESDR Academy for Future Leaders in Dermatology” in Cascais, Portugal

2011 | Best poster prize, Swiss Society for Allergology and Immunology, Annual Meeting, Lugano

2010 | Poster prize at the “Annual Meeting of the German Society for Immunology” in Leipzig, Germany

2010 | Best oral workshop presentation prize, World Immune Regulation Meeting in Davos, Switzerland