Nico Andreas


Nico Andreas obtained a Diploma (FH, Engineer) in biotechnology at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Technology and a Master of Science degree in biotechnology. For his master thesis on the regulation of IL-5 in Th2 cells, Nico received the Max Buchner price for technical chemistry by the DECHEMA in 2010.

Between 2003 and 2009, Nico worked in different labs at the German Rheumatism Research Center (DRFZ) in Berlin focusing on cells of the bone as well as on cells of the adaptive immune system.

He then did his doctoral research with a scholarship of the Leibniz Graduate School on Aging (LGSA) at the Fritz Lipmann Institute (Leibniz-FLI) in Jena in the laboratory of Falk Weih, where he focussed on the function of the NFĸB family in the immune system.

Before joining the Zielinski lab, Nico worked as a PostDoc in the University Hospital in Jena (UKJ) in the Institute of Immunology directed by Thomas Kamradt. He studied the cellular mechanism of autoimmune arthritis in mice and the molecular mechanisms of mast cell activity.

Nico is now a senior Postdoc in the Zielinski lab where is engages in projects related to human T cell regulation.